LYSSIA. the word LYSSIA means never forgoten death witch links up with the battle at lLYSSIA wich started 130.000 years ago the reason the war started was and still is unknown some people say that the gods are angry or sad but the real reason is before this 7 realms were created the gods needed thay needed gardens to protect each realm so with the holy power of all the 7 gods the created the earths devine protector witch will protect the people the lands and the animals once the devine protector(arail theimen) was made he make 7 others and one by accsident . gaurden one to each realm was assined to each realm but as the protector realised he had made 1 more he told this messtake that he needed to die for the sake of the 7 realms but not listening to his protector he created an 8th realm where all unwanted beanings would go and was never seen since then

(133.000 years later) a man is dreaming in his cell he is dreaming of another man around him 6 men he noticed a 7th man in the corner all but him where glowing white the man who was dreaming was awoke by a commander and the man in the cell is told avehi get up and avehi got up and followed the gaurd after a few minutes of talking thay came to a halt and the commender said to avehi that this is the training yard the commander said that this is where avehi would train after 4 hours a gaurd came running you said that there is a storm coming and to get shelter so the commander told then those who where training to get under shelter after entering the shelter avehi fell to the ground and had a vission of a man fighting a dark evil and losing and avehi awoke and saw dead and burning buildings broken towers and tried to get up he looked down to see his legs where broken and bloody he could not move he herd a vocie say over here and 5 men came and helped avehi up as avehi got up a gaurd yelled terasque crashed throw the wall and with is dark men with one of the masked people ran at the the dark men killing many enemys finally the dark being that was riding the beast wisperd something and the dark soilders shot arrows and slashed there sword untill the masked man fell to the ground the masked men took Avehi to a underground bunker and when thay enterd one fell to the ground weeping for his fallen he got up and said that him and another would stay and make sure that the dark men would not follow (with the masked men knowing thay would die) thay all agreed and carryed on through a massive under ground network after a few hours thay would a ruin one of the men said something and thay were taken to a city the the 5 realm a man greeted them and lead them to them to one of the temples of the gardians the man said where are the other three a masked man said 2 left behind by there own will and 1 killed by the dark one him salf the man gasped and was shocked .Avehi asked the man what this is why am i here and what do you want with me the man said that he was targeted by the evil witch romed this world for mellemia and has not bean seen for 133.000 years and today came out of the darkness he told avehi that is link to all this is with his ansester arail theimen and how this man is the devine protector the man told him that the dark beaning also known as selmikaok wanted revenge on the protector……….